Messy Play Art Class

Messy Play is a weekly parent participation class for children ages 1 to 5. The class will last for 1 hour and will be offered in 8-week sessions unless otherwise noted in the schedule. The children will be encouraged to explore and create with a variety of messy materials. They will enjoy painting at the art easel, working with playdoh, exploring a variety of textures at the sensory table, making a craft to take home with them, and creating individual masterpieces at the free art table. Messy Play will help develop children’s cognitive, emotional, social, and physical skills.

*** Please note that most of the children in this class are 18 months to 4 years however we welcome children as young as 1 year old and as old as 5 years old. We do like to warn you that the young ones are quite messy and are not able to do as much as the children over 18 months. The 5-year-olds love all the activities but at times might feel frustrated by the messy little ones. This is not to scare you away but rather just a heads up. We have had lots of 1-year-olds and 5 years that have really done well in the class. ***