Format of the Class

Arrival Time

As children arrive, they will be greeted by the teacher and encouraged to find a smock. They are then welcome to begin exploring whichever area interests them.

Exploration Time

The child and caregiver will be able to choose from these 5 different exploration areas.

  1. Art Easel-Painting at the art easel will be available each week. The easel will be able to accommodate 3 children.
  2. Playdoh Table-Playdoh will be available each week. It will vary in color, texture and scent.
  3. Sensory Tables-Two sensory tables will be filled each week with a different activity for sensory exploration.
  4. Free Art Table-This area is designed to allow children the freedom to create an individual piece of art. They will be able to choose from crayons, markers, colored pencils, stickers and more.
  5. Arts and Craft table-At this area, the children will have an opportunity to make an arts and craft project to take home with them.
Good bye Circle Time

The children will be given a five minute warning for clean up time. Each child will be cleaned up and we will all join in a circle. We will sing the good bye song and each child will be given a stamp for a job well done.